Monday, 27 February 2017

The Long Stop At The Gas Station

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It was supposed to be a quick stop, I even left the car running when I hopped out to go grab something to drink. The gas station was on the way to work, so I stopped by often. I didn’t hesitate to leave my car running, since I knew I’d be in and out, but I accidentally hit the lock button as I hopped out.

It must have been out of habit, but I realized my mistake almost immediately. I hung my head and walked inside to ask if I could use the phone. Right away I called into my boss to let him know that I’d probably be late that morning.

After a brief discussion with my boss, I got a hold of a Denver locksmith to come open my still running car for me. I figured it was going to run the whole time until the locksmith got there, since I had just filled the tank the night before.

Denver locksmiths are a competitive bunch, so the guy showed up pretty quickly. There are always wanting to prove that they are the best locksmith to go with. It works out well for the customers though, since we don’t have to wait locked out for too long.

In fact he got there so quickly that I was barely even late for work. I think I may have clocked in at seven minutes past nine. The boss didn’t even say anything about it, he just had one simple comment, “Thought you were gonna be late.” I explained to him that the locksmith got there right away and got me back on the road. I was just glad because that way I didn’t burn too much gas.